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vRetreat events deliver great value to our clients by allowing IT vendors and top technology blogger influencers to connect in unique and stimulating ways.


vRetreat events allows our clients in the Virtualization, Storage, Network, Cloud, Security and Backup sectors and top technology blogger influencers to connect online or in person at one of our unique location events with the aim of facilitating networking, professional conversations, and the production of top level consumable digital content that can be utilized for professional marketing purposes.


vRetreat events allow our clients to present to our blogger/influencer attendees with a full product brief, demo and anything else they need to make an informed impression on their products.


Every attendee who participates is passionate about technology and works with us to make sure the IT community knows about the sponsors and their products/services.

You can find out more about our vRetreat events at

vRetreat London 2018 Twitter #vRetreat Metrics

Virtual vRetreat - Progress and Cohesity

Michael Poore


This was very different than any IT community event I’ve attended in the past though.

Patrick put together a very informative and enjoyable event and I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend. My thanks to him for inviting me, but especially to Cohesity, Veeam and Zerto for making it possible.

David Owen


It was a truly great day and very much something that should happen again in the future.
It's a top way for vendors to show their wares and to get the word out on their products.

I for one am an advocate of vRetreat!

Alan Burns


 All in all this was a magnificent experience and a great end to a very well executed and planned day. I’d like the thank Patrick Redknap for organizing such an impressive event, as always an event of this magnitude is reliant on the sponsors, thanks to  Zerto and  Cohesity for an interesting and informative day.

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